Sunday, January 15, 2017


Working hard on Rhysling nominations, so not writing poetry this weekend. Reading some thrilling stuff! Join SFPA, if you're not a member, and be a part of it.

Now I am caught up responding to Rhysling nominations, and caught up on responses to those responses partway thru yesterday. If you sent me anything about Rhysling matters b4 yesterday, and haven't heard back, please query.

Friday, January 13, 2017

I won't describe last night's dream to you

But it involved JFK, Michelle Obama, time travel, espionage, babies sleeping out in the yard, and much much more. Almost as wacky as American politics has become lately. If only I had also dreamed about mind reading, teleportation, or space aliens….


My daughter dreamed that my legs had somehow gotten left behind, but my feet were still where they belonged, on my foot rests. And she wondered how my feet knew to stay there. In the words of Mott the Hoople, I have intelligence in my feet. Too bad I couldn't apply that to some useful purpose. For instance, if they could kick somebody for me, I would have perfect deniability.

"Honest, officer. It was a muscle spasm!" *Apologetic grin*


what do you call a daily calendar of dumb jokes
in heaven, year after year,
all different but all the same?
holy crap!
how many angels does it take
to screw in a lightbulb?
what do you call 69 angels
crammed into a phone booth?
(they still have those in heaven?)
what did Helen Keller say to...
You can all go to
wait, can you?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fossil Microscopic Encrusting Tubular Organism

These photos illustrate an unidentified mound-building organism discovered in the Carboniferous (Mississippian) of North Alabama (Haywick and others, 2016). The mounds also include some larger tubes, probably made by worms, indicated in one of the photographs. Any ideas about what made the small ones will be greatly appreciated.

 Several of the larger tubes, which we interpret as worm tubes, indicated by black and white arrows.

 Mound-building tubular organism growing off of a brachiopod spine and extending towards the center of the photograph.

Mound-building tubular organism indicated by large white arrow.

Haywick, D.W., Kopaska-Merkel, D.C., and Keyes, R., 2016, Petrographic and faunal characteristics of Monteagle and Hartselle-equivalent strata in northeast Alabama, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions 66, p. 211-229.

Children's literature and weird fiction: a marriage made in…

The Call of Cthulhu for beginning readers

By H.P. Lovecraft, translated (if that's the word)and illustrated by R. J. Ivankovic

What Dread Zeppelin does for Led Zeppelin, Elvis, and reggae, this book does for H.P. Lovecraft and Dr. Seuss. This book could not exist without H.P. Lovecraft's iconic story, but it is actually better than the original story. Ivankovic has transformed Lovecraft's tale of horror into an eerily perfect imitation of Dr. Seuss' instantly recognizable illustrations and verse. Even the size and shape of the book are perfect for a Dr. Seuss book. I said perfect before, but this book, more than a decade in the making, could not be a better marriage of these two artists. The only defects, if it is a defect, is that the book will be incredibly funny to anyone who has read the original story. I think small children will enjoy it a lot, but just imagine what they will think when they, later in life, read Lovecraft's story. Well, order this book now. If you like weird fiction and have read The Call of Cthulhu, you owe it to yourself to buy this book. And if you know a child into the weird, scary, and peculiar, you will be the world's greatest uncle/aunt/friend if you buy them this book.

And if you have not listened to Dread Zeppelin, it is not too late. Do it now!

Publisher: Chaosium, hardback, $20

Addendum: you know how sometimes you buy something and when you get it you think "oh. I thought it would be cooler."? Well, rest assured, The Call of Cthulhu for beginning readers is not going to do that to you. What I thought when I opened it was "oh my God, it looks even more exactly like a real Dr. Seuss book than I thought it would!" And I started thinking of who I know needs a copy.


in the new ice age
glaciers advance
on Antarctica