Saturday, January 20, 2018


phantom ache in my knee

as far from true sensation
as Mars from Earth

I know the ache ain't real
but logic doesn't make it
go away


This week: 2 sales to Scifaikuest, wrote a few poems, Metastable Systems nominated for the Elgin, sales of that book picking up, new library floor at home. Now I get to put everything back!

Lifetime Dreams & Nightmares subscriptions ($39 pdf; $99 print) include all available back issues, and all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  Paypal to jopnquog at gmail dot com.

Looking ahead, SFPA members can get pdfs of Dreams & Nightmares 105-107 and a file of my own eligible poems, free, for Rhysling-nomination purposes. And, cancer treatment starts Monday.


Click ‘Em Together Again

The river tears its bank a new one,
smiting fields and towns alike,
shoving everything aside
in its eagerness to suicide
into the sea.

Call it the water cycle if you will,
but remember when you hit the water
from high enough above,
it's like cement to you,
call it the cement cycle.

No, because water is nothing like cement,
the tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago,
was a bulldozer 100 miles wide,
God's drain backed up,
with fish instead of sewage.

Our globe: no place to raise a family,
if there was any alternative
I'd have my bags packed in an hour;
"No place like home,"
more threat than promise.

Friday, January 19, 2018


we bait our hooks with tar
on Titanian seas
burn our catch to keep warm
these long cold nights


313 million-year-old trace fossils. Attenosaurs were reptile-like amphibians.  This footprint is about the size  of an adult human hand. The amphibian trackway is called Nanopus reidiae. Its maker would have looked like a salamander. There is a third trace fossil on the slab. Can you find it?

Read a lot more about this in our book "Footprints in Stone."

This book helped the American museum solve and 87 year old mystery:


new floor
in the library
dog backs away

This really happened, but I think she's getting over it.


a discordant blast
of celestial tubas
the Frog Prince